In 2013, a vision took root when Robin Stegemann and Lasse Schmitt came together to establish Stegemann & Schmitt, a pioneering consulting and seed investment company. United by a passion for innovation and a shared commitment to driving positive change, their journey towards creating a thriving venture idea lab had just begun. Six years later, their aspirations received a significant boost with the addition of Alexander Köhler, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, company owner, and investor, propelling Stegemann & Schmitt towards greater heights.

Founding the Cornerstone:

Back in 2013, the entrepreneurial duo of Robin Stegemann and Lasse Schmitt recognized a need for a platform that could foster innovative ideas while providing essential support and resources to promising start-ups. Thus, Stegemann & Schmitt was born with a clear mission to be at the forefront of transforming visionary concepts into tangible realities.

A Journey of Growth and Evolution:

Over the course of six years, Stegemann & Schmitt diligently carved its path in the entrepreneurial landscape, nurturing fledgling ventures and empowering them to thrive. The company’s dedication to fostering growth, coupled with a strong focus on strategic consulting, earned them a reputable name in the industry.

The Catalyst for Change: Alexander Köhler’s Entry:

As 2019 unfolded, Stegemann & Schmitt experienced a pivotal moment with the arrival of Alexander Köhler, whose wealth of experience and strategic insights bolstered the company’s capabilities. With a shared vision for sustainable and problem-solving solutions, Alexander’s integration marked a new chapter for the venture idea lab.

From S&S to KSS: An Evolution Towards Sustainability:

With Alexander’s strategic involvement, Stegemann & Schmitt underwent a transformation, evolving into KSS – a forward-looking venture idea lab that aimed to invest in and nurture sustainable start-ups across the D-A-CH region. This rebranding showcased their commitment to address societal challenges while promoting environmentally conscious solutions.

Investing in the Future:

Under the banner of KSS, the team has embraced a more significant responsibility of identifying and supporting entrepreneurs with bold ideas to make a positive impact on the world. Armed with a diverse portfolio of investments, they now stand at the forefront of cultivating innovation and sustainability.

A Legacy of Innovation:

From the inception of Stegemann & Schmitt to its metamorphosis into KSS, the legacy of this entrepreneurial journey has been one of resilience, collaboration, and an unwavering dedication to shaping a better world. As they continue to nurture the seeds of innovation, Stegemann & Schmitt’s passion for fostering sustainable ventures remains the driving force behind their journey. The evolution of Stegemann & Schmitt into KSS symbolizes a profound commitment to innovation, sustainability, and problem-solving. With Robin Stegemann, Lasse Schmitt, and Alexander Köhler at the helm, the venture idea lab stands poised to cultivate groundbreaking ideas and support start-ups that seek to address real-world challenges. Their collective vision and passion serve as a beacon of hope, guiding the path towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the D-A-CH region and beyond.