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We help start-ups to develop and gain success in diverse markets.

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KSS Ventures

The cornerstone was set in 2013 by Robin Stegemann & Lasse Schmitt when they founded Stegemann & Schmitt as a consulting and seed investment company. After six years of operation and company building, the serial entrepreneur, company owner and investor Alexander Köhler joined the company and lifted S&S on to the stage of a serious venture idea lab: KSS was born and is investing in sustainable & problemsolving ideas and start-ups across D-A-CH.

KSS Ventures

How it works

Long story short. We are following a simple framework
how we get in contact with a potential idea or start-up.


Start with a Consultation

Even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point; something which begins with one first step – a great conversation.

We are eager to meet you and are inviting you to schedule an appointment with us. 

By giving you a short overview about our framework, network and support possibility, we draw a bigger picture how your idea could grow with us. Tell us about yourself, your idea & your mission and we might start our next (early stage) venture with us.


Create a Strategy

In cooperation with the founders, we are creating an investment plan & define important milestones in order to achieve the best outcome of the idea or product. 


Implement a great Team

We invest both – money and human capital – because good ideas need a strong team to be successful.

We analyse the current founding team and – if necessary – support it with important knowledge and missing human resources. 


Manage & Succeed

Based on the right strategy, the necessary funding & a great team, we are supporting, managing & evaluating the business ongoing and helping the founders to succeed the best way possible. 

KSS Ventures

Our Approach

We are not limiting us to certain sections or areas. We are following the idea to support any great business idea & founders which are truly solving problems of their business stakeholders in a sustainable way. 



Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. We invest in ideas which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Problem solving

All our projects which we are investing in have the ability to solve problems constantly and truly make a difference by influencing how people master their daily live. 


Stakeholder friendly

All our direction of investments are in orientation of technological development, resources limits and institutional change. The harmony enhances both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

KSS Ventures

Selected Projects

Following projects are part of the KSS Portfolio.

EvoGolf Berlin

Founded: 2023
Stage: Operation
Value: n/a
Mission: EvoGolf – The Revolution of Indoor Golf in Berlin.

drivEddy GmbH

Founded: 2018
Stage: Growth
Value: n/a
Mission: Digital driving school service for 1.6 million students in Germany. App & software solution.

Eddy Bildung GmbH

Eddy Bildung GmbH

Founded: 2020
Stage: Disruption
Value: n/a
Mission: Disrupting a 50 year old market with a broad lobby interest. Online Theory lessons are the future.

The Olive House

Founded: 2021
Stage: Founding (Halt due to Covid-19)
Value: n/a
Mission: Creating an offline/online space (membership house) for families, including co.working, parenting, activities and dining.

Bauteq - Logo


Founded: 2020
Stage: Developing
Value: n/a
Mission: bauteq® is the first digital platform for securing complex construction and real estate projects as well as for property owners and property management companies for use in the D-A-CH region.
. More infos.

Door X - Logo

Door X

Founded: 2022
Stage: Fund Raising
Value: n/a
Mission: DoorX is the platform to connect you with the most suitable guests for your events within and beyond your own network.


Founded: 2023
Stage: Fund Raising, Alpha Development
Value: n/a
Mission: Creating an interactive AI to store and to interact with memories.



Founded: 2012
Stage: Exit 2016
Value: n/a
Mission: Eventmanagement & Ticketing Software (White Label) for Norge Region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)

KSS Ventures

News & Updates

Breaking News & Latest Updates

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KSS Ventures


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